RPAS / Drones

Drone Permits & Support

All foreign media production including video, stills photography, audio recordings and research in Vanuatu falls under the jurisdiction of the National Film and Sound Unit of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, which must be notified of any intended media production activity in the country INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY with the use of RPAS / Drones.

All RPAS (drones/flying cameras) and Pilots/Operators flying in Vanuatu need to be registered through the CAAV - VKS reg.drone.vu website and issued a valid RPAS (Drone) and Pilot Registration PRIOR to use

Visiting Drone operators may require proof of Pilot Certification and/or Public Liability Insurance.

The first step  to Registration is to create a Login Account at the http://reg.drone.vu website.

This allows authentication of your email for delivery of forms and documents.

This is a Free Account.


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