4th National Arts Festival 2019

Media Accreditation Policies and Procedures

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4th. National Arts Festival - Lakatoro, Malekula Island, Vanuatu - August 17th. - 24th., 2019

The following guidelines are provided to facilitate access to the 4th. Vanuatu National Arts Festival and its participants while also providing all the tools and assistance to enable the best possible media coverage of this exciting event for Vanuatu.

Accreditation is granted with the provision that applicants agree to and abide with the event Accreditation Terms and Conditions, and the venues’ Regulations. The Vanuatu Cultural Council reserves the right to decline applications for accreditation or revoke accreditation at any time.

We recognise that media have needs that are vital to effective coverage of the event, and we acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of bona fide media representatives as they cover and report on these events. We know also that news organisations will understand the need for the Vanuatu Cultural Council to have the following policies and procedures in place for media who are attending and covering our event.


Accreditation is granted subject to the applicant complying with the following Terms & Conditions:

1. that submission of an application form does not guarantee the granting of Accreditation or access to the Venue;

2. to abide by and comply with any terms of entry into the Venues as prescribed from time to time by the Vanuatu Cultural Council or the Venue authority;

3. to abide by all reasonable directions of the Vanuatu Cultural Council Festival Director whilst at the events;

4. to acknowledge that any accreditation granted to the applicant is specific to the media house granted and may not be loaned, transferred, sold or assigned to any other person.

5. to acknowledge that all persons attending the Festival must be on the event press list or risk being denied access;

6. to abide by and comply with the policy whereby all interviews with celebrity attendees will take place during the designated press events and absolutely no other time, unless previously arranged and approved through the Vanuatu Cultural Council Festival Director;

7. to ensure that no media coverage shall impede the flow of the event (e.g. asking a performer questions during an event / demonstration);

8. to acknowledge that the Accreditation remains the property of the Vanuatu Cultural Council at all times and shall be returned immediately upon request, and that lost or stolen Accreditation Passes should be reported to the Vanuatu Cultural Council Media Contacts at the earliest possible opportunity, and the Vanuatu Cultural Council shall, at its sole discretion, decide whether a new Accreditation Pass is to be issued;

9. to ensure that at all times whilst attending the Events:

a. to wear such identifying pass (“Accreditation Pass”) and ensure such pass is visible at all times;

b. not to tamper with any of such items or do anything to obscure any part of them;

c. not to prejudice or infringe the copyright or other intellectual property or proprietary interests owned by, or licensed to, any person officially involved in the staging of the event;

d. to conduct himself/herself/themselves and act generally in a manner that will not bring the Vanuatu Cultural Council into disrepute;

e. to adhere to a basic dress code while in attendance

f. to use professional courtesy and discretion if consuming alcohol and other food and beverages; and

g. to conduct himself/herself/themselves in a manner that will not cause offence to, or otherwise inhibit the enjoyment of, all other parties in attendance at the Event, including, but not limited to, rights holders, performers, filmmakers, attendees and Venue and the Vanuatu Cultural Council Staff or Volunteers;


Nothing in these Terms restricts or prevents the exercise of legitimate journalistic practice, including, but not limited to independent reporting, fair comment and criticism.

The applicant and his/her employer (if any) acknowledge that the applicant shall move in and around the Venue at his/her own risk.

Access to a Venue will be refused to any person noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance, or to any person behaving or likely to behave violently, harmfully or in a manner contrary to public order. Furthermore, access will be refused to any person whose appearance or behaviour negatively affects the public standing of the Vanuatu Cultural Council.


Applying for Accreditation

All media applications for accreditation should be completed by media house editors before 15th. July 2019 to be eligible for a media pass for the event

Please note the following when applying for accreditation:

  • Late requests or arrivals without prior approval will not be admitted.
  • The submission of a completed media accreditation request form does not ensure approval for media accreditation.
  • All requests will be reviewed by Media Management for final approval
  • You will receive written confirmation via e-mail alerting you whether or not your request has been approved.


Media Accreditation Restrictions

The Vanuatu Cultural Council has established a limit on the number of media credentials as two per media outlet. In special cases, media management will increase the number of credentials for media organisations depending on the circumstances.



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