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Vanuatu Volcanic Alert Level (VVAL)

Lvl.0    Normal
Lvl.1    Signs of Volcanic Unrest
Lvl.2    Major unrest
Lvl.3    Minor eruption
Lvl.4    Moderate eruption
Lvl.5    Very large eruption

The risk of volcanic explosions always remains, volcanic bombs may fall in and/or around the crater and volcanic gas and ashes can also affect breathing. The area of greatest risk remains around the volcanic crater and in areas exposed to trade winds.

This is a reminder to all visitors to observe volcano alerts and observe the volcanoes away from the crater rim to avoid volcano activity related impacts.

For further information, please contact Geo-Hazards office at the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department, telephone 24686 or email geohazards@meteo.gov.vu